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Incoming DROP on high numbered ports - seems to be feathercoin client initiated.

  • Regular Member | Tip shadowhh32

    Im getting a TON of incoming high port DROPs here on my linksys firewall that seem to be initiating when the feathercoin client is active yet do not belong to a RELATED or ESTABLISHED or NEW connection. NEW connections are allowed on outgoing and anything not ESTABLISHED or RELATED is DROPPED.

    IPv6 is DROPped at the local machine as I have no way of filtering requests at the router. This is an IPv4 network. I dont use IPv6 beyond the ATT modem.

    This is a very effective firewall.

    This does not seem to be a feathercoin server port. Yet I am getting slammed with hits on the router when the client is running.

    Can I have some insight here as to why non-related and non-established connections are appearing to try to connect to me? Shouldnt the Application and application level networking establish NEW or RELATED/ ESTABLISHED connections?

    Attached is the router log of INPUT. OUTPUT is not filtered.


  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    As the Drops are caused by several hosts, and the ports are in the range used as source port for outgoing connections, it may be just caused by not fully established or terminated outbound connections from your client where the other party either didn’t receive the disconnect packed or a timeout has occured and the other party is responding so late, that the temporary rule on the fw has been deleted already.

    Just guessing here.

    you could try a ‘netstat -tcp -n’ to check if you have corresponding connections in state ‘sync send’ or ‘time wait’ on your PC.

    The command is linux syntax, for windows the options may be slightly different

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