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New Version of Neoscrypt p2pool released

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    To p2pool operators:

    There is a new Version of p2pool software for neoscrypt available at


    The release number is ‘13.5-beta’ and equivalent to the 13.4-67-g0c0395e Version running on p2pool.neoscrypt.de since October 23rd 10PM.


    1. Difficulty is rounded to zero decimals for diff >=1
    • Due to the rounding the miners are not interrupted due to minimal changes in difficulty -> higher efficiency for the miners
    1. Difficulty is calculated per miner address, rather than calculated just once for the whole node.
    • This allows miner with higher hash rates to mine without the need to manually adjust the difficulty in order to archive best mining performance and at the same time miners the orphan share rate for miners with lower hash rates.

    On p2pool.neoscrypt.de the overall orphan rate was reduced by ~ 10% after the change was implemented

  • | Tip lizhi

    Great work

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