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Can't run Feathercoin-qt after install of 14.04 .deb

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    Hello Feathercoin,
    I have setup my feathercoin p2pool at sktpools.com:19327. Currently trying to get my mining rig back up. Also updated my wallet using the Ubuntu 14.04 deb and it only gives me feathercoind and no feathercoin-qt. I have used ‘sudo find / -name feathercoin-qt’ and it comes back blank. Any suggestions?

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    Hi @Wec : Moved to Support

    I’ve run a p2pool node before, but not got an external server working at moment.

    I have just been experimenting myself, to try to answer the question, “How long to Solo mine”.

    It might seem to be roundabout to install p2pool at home, but it has a lot of graphing / reporting features built in which makes it useful to see every thing is running.

    Usually when running as a server i.e. Feathercoind, it may stop you running the wallet. If you run the wallet and there is an option to keep the daemon running in the background.

    If you are on a server you might not have X server, Is there a bit more info on the setup? i.e. did you compile it or use the “PPA?”.

    The first thing I’ve noticed is it may be easier to us the "Official FTC p2pool release " as it has the latest Neoscrypt compatibility patches.


    Al;though I note your p2pool does seem to be connecting to other P2Pools using p2pool-neoscrypt

    You also may still be syncing the block chain. If you run the command

    feathercoind getpeerinfo

    Or such In a terminal
    I think -help gives the commands you can try to gather a bit more info.

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    Ubuntu 14.04 is quite old, and the latest versions of feathercoin-qt are using qt5, which I wasn’t able to get for Ubuntu 14.04. Therefore no gui exists for that OS version.
    The best way would be to upgrade to Ubuntu 15.X or 16.04 in order to install the GUI

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    I was able to figure that out. I was fortunate enough to have an extra laptop that I could do a fresh install of 16.04. I was able to compile the wallet with no problems.

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