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Poloniex and FTC

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    I hope that FTC be listed on Poloniex . Anyone have any good ideas how to do it .

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    @lizhi said in Poloniex and FTC:

    I hope that FTC be listed on Poloniex . Anyone have any good ideas how to do it .

    The Rules say the genesis block has to be original…and FTC shares the same genesis block as LTC.

    @wrapper posted this not too long ago:

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    I changed our pchMessageStart , FTC compatible with new and old messages.

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    I’ve been looking again at what Dodgecoin were talking about in “ReGenesis” of the blockchain and reading again, it seems they proposed to recompile all unspent transactions into one future block. Seems more to make the conditions stable when checking blocks, currently the status changes between hard forks.

    I was also under the impression that by customizing "pchMessageStart ", it effectively gave FTC a unique Genesis code, I think @Ghostlander did say somewhere afterwards there is more to it.

    I would argue that it cannot be impossible to choose a possibly random block between 2 markers, that block would pay “X” amount not to create the next block, but to create a “Genesis block”.

    That block would take the normal time to produce (or perhaps double if higher security is need, by making Difficulty * 2). The new Genesis block would be created from the “Genesis phrase” test, the date and time of the block, a hash from the current Genesis and first real mined block. (for instance.)

    For an established blockchain, the new genesis block will be indexed to the front, when synced from scratch, it will be positioned first.

    Although not strictly necessary, an option could be made available to copy the blockchain to reorder it and then move over to the new blockchain and pre-warn users and adding a selection method of when or if to do the database reorder.

    Re : Poloniex
    Of course it might be an idea to approach Poloniex with the pcMessagestart and see if that is sufficient to differentiate between blockchains.

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    @wrapper, thanks for that post. Very interesting stuff.

    Does FTC have an official coms person ? I dunno what’s best… 1 person approaching ? or as many people as possible writing in and asking ?

    reasoning, if there’s just 1 person “officially” from Feathercoin asking the question, maybe they can work with Poloniex on exactly what needs to be done in order for the coin to be listed…maybe they’d get more detailed answers.

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    Poloniex “Rest assured that all submissions are reviewed and any new coins are announced in Notices below the trollbox. All I can suggest is to keep an eye out there for any future updates.”


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    Tried multiple times to get the coin on there, even tweeted with the official FTC account, no response.


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    @ChekaZ Same here.

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    Interesting conversation. I think concern #1 is whatever argument or methodology we use to persuade them has to be as unique to feathercoin as possible so it doesn’t open a floodgate of new coins that will pass on the same criteria.

    I’d say looking at a way to argue FTC’s genesis block is unique is the first thing to attempt.

    If the argument that it is unique fails. I’d say step 2 would be to ask them to add exclusion criteria to their rules based on coin age and market cap history. Even offering funds if they would take it.

    Step 3 Repeat steps 1 and 2

    @wrapper Sorry if I misunderstand, but do you mean having a new block created and swapping it into the beginning of the blockchain? If that is what you’re suggesting, its really clever, but I don’t think ultimately its a good direction. The argument about whether or not it was still a “genesis” block would be tough. Also, I’d think something like that would cause the floodgate problem as well on their end as other coins copy it…so Polo wouldn’t allow it.

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    The “Genesis Block” is really just what is returned when the daemon is poked for the settings.

    Update the function that finds the BlockIndex and set the paraphrase, unix time, and a nonce.
    Hash your paraphrase and get the merkle root of it.

    The main problem I see is, like the Doge “re-genesis” solution, a lot of power and space will be required to store the temporary “New blockchain” while it is built.

    The only solution I can think of to that is to add the “disk space” algorithm to FTC with Neoscrypt, then use part of that disk space to perform the “ReGenesis”.

    Probably choose to pay 2% to disk based POW / “ReGenesis miners”, with a disc space requirement of > 2 * blockchain size. It would be a hrad fork.


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