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[Task] Review of Translation files for Feathercoin-qt 0.9.6 release.

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    Aim : Making Feathercoin wallet easy to use

    The proposed release of Feathercoin wallet version 0.9.6 will contain all the feedback and testing of Bitcoin 0.9 series core and FTC additional features integration.

    To make this a stable and usable release, a lot of work has already been done to make the complicated features more usable.

    Some of that usability research has suggested further enhancements, which will need more time can be implemented in version 0.11. The current release 0.9.6, requires the features to be functional and is awaiting feedback on improving usability by providing a comprehensive Feathercoin Wallet usage guide to go with the release.


    Checking the wallet translation system

    One important requirement is translations. there are a number of new forms. Those forms should have English and Chinese translations.

    As part of the 0.9.6 release it is therefore proposed to over view translations, raise and fix any issues.

    The development team will assist any member who wishes to have a look at this issue on any any level, from - identifying miss - translations, or to more in depth, how to make or post fixes.

    Example :

    Comment too large Warning

    Search for the text in the source code : https://github.com/FeatherCoin/Feathercoin


    The search shows the text is used in src/qt/utilitydialog.cpp
    Line 393

     if (sendStatus.status == WalletModel::OK)
     QMessageBox::information(NULL, tr("Wallet Message"), tr("Insert into blockchain ,Yes!!!"), QMessageBox::Yes , QMessageBox::Yes);

    and at Line 587

    QMessageBox::information(NULL, tr("Wallet Message"), tr("Insert into blockchain ,Yes!!!"), QMessageBox::Yes , QMessageBox::Yes);

    I note this insert comments dialog box could have an improved English Text :

    The comment has been inserted in the blockchain.

    That can be adjusted in the source code, however, the English text is also used as the reference to search for other language translations by the core code translation engine.

    The comment also appears in the translation file :


    But no other language translation file has been completed.

    Using the Qt Linguist package

    As @Wellenreiter pointed out, you can use the linguist package to help update the source files.

    Note : Language files are stored in /Feathercoin/src/qt/locale/

    In Ubuntu I had to install (in addition to Qt Creator)

    sudo apt-get install  qt4-dev-tools --no-install-recommends

    To run the translation file software run :


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    There is no change of the code required, just the (english) language file must be updated.

    I would avoid changed messages in the code, if it can be changed outside the code.

    Should be easy doing with QT-linguist

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    I agree, but in this case the forms had to be rearranged and additional text added was / is to be added in some planned enhancements to forms.

    Also, only translation files for English and Chinese have been produced, so we just need to document how these are updated to make it easier.

    From an efficiency point of view, it would be better for the Dev i.e @Lizhi to refresh it, if he can, once we have possibly added or manipulated the forms to enhance the usability.

    GUI enhancements Status
    Stage 1

    • Possibility of including a “comments view” form and/or right click option for addresses.
    • Check / implement 1st stage Forms GUI review : done
    • Produce a list of translations needed and post them in Language areas of the forum / Auto generate a possible translation for the new text generated by the Feathercoin Advanced features : ** research in progress**

    Stage 2

    • Decide which enhancement can be done in Stage 2 : Include stage 2 enhancements in 0.9.6 test version : in progress

    Stage 3

    • List GUI enhancement require further work in 0.11 (Stage 3 GUI enhancements)

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