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[ANN] How will you measure your success? - Feathercoin Weekly News #5

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    Feathercoin Official Weekly Update #5

    Tuesday 22nd October 2013


    How will you measure your success?

    Feathercoin Key Stats
    188 days since genesis block creation
    Approx. 20,100,000 Feathercoins created
    Approx. 13.75 days behind target generation rate

    Profit is not the goal, it is the result of getting things right. If we let our success be defined by others then we will be condemned to play by their rules and we would only ever be able to win on their terms; if you can even call that ‘winning’ at all.

    Right now there is a devastatingly narrow definition of success pervading all crypto currencies and it’s time we broadened our minds. We cannot let the regime of the past smuggle its way in to the future under cover of new technology. Because it’s not just the technology that has to change, it’s us.

    We are moving away from the industrial era in to an age where we all own the means of our production. There is something in us that is desperate to get out and all that is lacking are the right tools and understanding.

    Today we focus on the merchant class. A merchant is one who can join the work of artists and inventors together with the people who have the desire and appreciation of the craft.

    “Markets are conversations”

    To coin a phrase from the cluetrain manifesto all those years ago. Markets are places where people meet to discuss their needs. Where the demands of the buyer are both anticipated and understood by the seller and where the buyer bows to the expertise of the creator who is better able to understand the tools and the constraints of their materials.


    The Feathercoin market place is growing with new merchants signing up every day

    We have had some 40 auctions so far with over 17% being successfully fulfilled in the last 7 days alone. The market now includes a range of perfumes, shoes, electronics, Bitcoin crypto mining equipment and more. Let’s focus on a few of the merchants who have signed up in the last seven days:

    UK Computer Retailer hits the Feathercoin Marketplace

    Word spreads fast. Now this computer shop in Oxford is selling crypto mining hardware for Feathercoins on our market. We have also had a glimpse of their online store which they tell us is going to accept Feathercoin once it is up and running.


    Computer Assistance is a retailer in Oxford who attended our meetups at the Oxford Blue, they now take Feathercoin

    Actually this caught us by surprise. The shop simply started listing their products a few days after launch, so we will reach out to them this week to get their response.

    Have you got some ideas on how we can help them to promote this once it is ready to go on their site? Send us your thoughts and if we end up using yours there will some Feathercoins making their way to your wallet quicker than you can say Merkle Tree.

    Tipa.eu - Electronics

    We must say a big thanks to @Mirrax who has been with us since beginning all the way back in May. Thanks to him you can now purchase Tipa products for Feathercoin.

    Selected items can now be bought in the Marketplace and he would like your feedback on the kind of things you’d like to buy from Tipa store.

    Computer Assistance

    Tipa is a quality electronics store in the Czech Republic for professionals and enthusiasts,
    shipping to the EU on the Feathercoin Marketplace now

    Products range from kitchen and household goods, gardening equipment to specialist electronics and DIY equipment the kind you would find in a hardware store or somewhere like Maplins in the UK.

    Tipa have 5 stores across the Czech Republic with a range of pickup points. We are glad to be able to help them reach new markets across the EU without the hindrance of the legacy banking system.

    Maid Naturally

    Maid Naturally was founded in 2006 by Ruthanne Eberly and Heather Brown, two former work colleagues who became friends and then decided to start a business together. Today, their maid service has created 15 jobs where they service their customers in all of Inland Northwest USA.


    Heather and Ruthanne became friends after working together in 1989,
    in 2006 they decided to become co-founders of this thriving local business

    Maid Naturally also manufactures their own line of 100% natural cleaning products that are distributed to 15 states and sold nationwide through their online store, and of course on our very own:


    Checkout this range of natural cleaning product, it’s yours for 500FTC, buy it before before the price goes up!

    Nathan Brown, national sales director told us:
    The objective of joining the Feathercoin marketplace was to allow the Feathercoin community easy access to the Maid Naturally product line and eventually we will be accepting Feathercoin on our website.

    Now let’s take a look at that community that Nathan cited as his reason for joining…

    Let’s get Svenn back to the UK


    Artist’s representation of Svenn, a Feathercoin miner
    who provides regular Support for the members on our forum

    What can we say about @Svenn. He is one of our most popular members which is well earned after all the countless hours he puts in on the Support forum, he even does one to one support on Skype if you ask him nicely to help with a range of technical issues and queries about mining.

    Well now he is raising some money so that he can come back the UK after his last visit at the meetup last month.

    So far Svenn has raised 3768 FTC of a target of 7200 FTC so please show your appreciation for all his hard work.

    Donation adress for FTC: 6z6XDTZinYEg2SZWPifKvZfxQNLQWSXiGE

    The Sciency Bit - API improvement & Feathercoin 0.9 Roadmap

    The Feathercoin API has been rewritten to be more resilient and much faster. To access the API please go to the link below.

    Feathercoin API information

    The API has several features and is growing based on demand. Currently you can query the value of Feathercoin in AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD and USD, generate QR codes and get the current difficulty, balance of an address, number of confirms since the last received amount and general stats.
    For help and support or if there is anything that you need in the API please go to the following thread on the Feathercoin forum and make a post.

    Feathercoin API source code

    There are some features on the horizon from Bitcoin 0.9 that Feathercoin will want to be a part of and while we innovate on our own we also want to keep abreast with the rest of the crypto currency world. To get us into a position to make best use of these features we are now creating a 0.8.5 release of Feathercoin. Once the basic work involved in moving Feathercoin 0.8.5 is complete the source code will be released and we can all pore over the code and test it together.

    If you want to be more actively involved in the coding side of Feathercoin please let us know by PMing @Bushstar. He is happy to add people as collaborators to the Feathercoin 0.8.5 build while it goes through the transition and is not making the repository public as we do not want people pulling from this build and using it in production. Allowing people access who explicitly ask for it is different as you know what it is about already.

    Feathercoin Source code


    It’s easier than ever to be noticed. Leadership must make its way down to the level of the individual before it’s too late, there is no time left to point the finger and shirk responsibilities, the banks are just the warts on the surface they are the symptom not the cause, the real problem exists in all of us they just help us with the diagnosis.

    Your real wealth is time, never let someone else define what makes you successful because when you compete with other people all it will get you is enemies. When you compete with yourself you not only have a more worthy adversary you will find many friends who will help you.

    You can find last week’s newsletter here: Courage is Always Original. Today special thanks go to @Svenn, @EcoCrypto, @MaidNaturally @Mirrax @Bushstar and @Ruthie for their contributions to this newsletter and the quote about competing with yourself was inspired by a line in the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek which your author highly recommends Smiley

    You can follow us on Twitter @Feathercoin to stay up to date.

    Thank-you for your time.

    P.S. I had to reconstruct this page from BitcoinTalk as it was lost. The images are still referenced to BC. @wrapper

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