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[TASK] To Do List

  • | Tip looarn

    Hi there,

    This post is here to ask if we have a todolist somewhere in the forum ?

    Otherwhise we should open a category called “TODOLIST” or “TASK” or whatever you like.

    And create in it task that have to be done, then we could wait for skilled member to take the load of the task.

    Here an exemple of task to be done :

    I can do this task, if the webmaster is no more available. 😉

    And of course this task call an other one : Find new merchants who accept FTC. 🙂

  • | Tip Moonman

    On the forum’s mobile responsive version, the shoutbox icon creates an invisible div that makes a wide horizontal strip, which makes the elements underneath unclickable.

    alt text

    In this example, “Feathercoin discussion” subforum link is not clickable.

  • | Tip looarn

    @Wellenreiter can we create a category named TO DO LIST.
    In it we gonna create one post per Task to do.
    With some flag [TO DO] [WIP] [DONE]. I think this gonna be efficient. 🙂

    Thanks to you.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    It may not be sufficient to use the forum to maintain also the status of todo items.

    We have/had used Trello before, and if everyone agrees, I can re-activate Trello, but I’m open here, so we can start with a category.

    For the wallet coding and bug tracking we use Github.

  • | Tip looarn

    I think start with the forum can be good.

    If there is a lot a folks going to help, yes Trello can be a good improvment. 🙂

    The forum is easy to use, I can be moderator for the section, if it’s okay by you, in order to set some organisation rules.


  • | Tip Moonman

    If complexity and the number of team members increases, trello would be a good option.
    So far i think that the forum can cover the current needs.

  • | Tip sradics

    @Wellenreiter +1 for Trello

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    The only trouble with Trello and Slack was they diverted contributers and moderators from the forum, and diverted or diluted its effectiveness, say gaining more volunteers.

    Generally, in the past we have had an active moderator of each thread who kept an eye on or set up the “current information pages”. Now that things have settled down from initial development, these ongoing moderator tasks may change to periodic checking. In which case a maintenance or ticketing system might be the most help.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    I set up some categories in the Forum. Let’s start with that.
    If it is not sufficient in the longer term, we easily can re-activate our Trello group

  • newbies | Tip Jonnybell41

    This post is deleted!

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