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Feathercoin Difficulty & Block Time Analysis 26-4-2017

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    50.4676 today 🌶

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    Omg - 68.0132

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    Looks higher than ever, I’ll do a check of difficulty see what the variation is.

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    Feathercoin Global Hash Rate variation analysis 3 days to 12-06-2017

    Chart is pretty neat. Blue line shows relatively consistent 1 per minute blocks i.e. eHRC is working as designed…

    The difficulty is adjusted at each block to compensate for changes in miner levels. Feathercoin difficulty is up so global hash rate is up.

    It would appear that the difficulty and variation has raised proportionally.

    i.e. It is not due to “attacks”

    The average FTC hash rate Difficulty has gone from ~7 over the last 2 months up to 20 currently.

    As rough estimate a difficulty 10 ~ 0.9 GHash/s per day average. A difficulty of 20 per day is approximately equivalent to 1.5 GHash/s per day.

    I suspect mining pools are switching between FTC and Etherium as premier GPU POW coins. It would be interesting to see the Etherium chart (link to Github for spreadsheet bellow.)

    Note : that Neoscrypt is a harder algorythm than scrypt, which is harder than Bitcoins Sha256 hashing, so a FTC difficulty is “harder to achieve”, is ~100 times. This is one reason difficulty went down when FTC switched to Neoscrypt.

    Feathercoin  Difficulty analysis 12-June 2017


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    Reached difficulty 73+ and 40-60 every day… man just good couple months ago I mined with 4 or so difficulty…

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    The AMD GPU drought has extended beyond the US in the last 3 weeks. The uptake in Australia has been remarkable. Apparently people have made their ROI in a month over here, but it’s hard to foresee how that level of income can be maintained when a) personal mining, and therefore altcoin difficulty, is increasing so rapidly and b) energy prices here are pretty high!

    I had considered increasing the size of my solar array to be able to devote a portion to mining, but the constant power draw makes the ROI for batteries completely unfeasible. I think wind energy would be more appropriate, but there’s no wind where I am, only relentless sun.

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    @thebaron I am amused by the “relentless sun”, which is so true on many levels, whilst suffering Manchester’s “relentless drizzle”, which sounds much less hardcore.

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    @wrapper ‘relentless drizzle’ sounds like a really hardcore balsamic vinaigrette.

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    Back to the theme.
    Current FTC network difficulty: 554.379376

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    @Lordas Someone threw at least 11GH at it very briefly. That’s a lot more than just a multiport switch, like nicehash or mining-dutch; they only have about 1-2GH total neoscrypt at the moment… 😒

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