Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Segwit and lightning Network.

  • Regular Member | Tip TrollboxChamp

    Does the community support this project? Do we believe it would be beneficial?

    I fully support it. Sometimes shiny things really do catch the eye.

    Hope everyone is having a nice week!

  • | Tip Moonman

    I am neither positive or negative about it.

    Could the developers please share their techical opinions?

  • Regular Member | Tip RIPPEDDRAGON

    I can see positives from addressing ‘transaction malleability’ but outside of that FTC does not really have block size issues like BTC. Lightning network is cool for speed improvements, however, FTC is already far far far faster than LTC or BTC its what this coin was built around. my 2 cents…

  • | Tip SimonTower

    @RIPPEDDRAGON I agree, but Segwit could able to chance implement MAST and Confidential Transaction too.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    I have not fully looked into seg-wit, I understand it is a feature that can be used in future versions of FTC and may be testable in 0.11.

    As such, I believe from previous discussion ( @ghostlander, @Lizhi) i.e. those that might program it, we need some custom settings for FTC. I do not believe those settings have been properly agreed.

    In order to move forward, we have therefore spent a lot of time reviewing and fixing 0.6.x development line. The next strategic task to obtain further functionality is to release 0.11.x through a similar review procedure, then move so as FTC development is at Bitcoin head.

    This is not a complicated programing task, in fact both @Lizhi and @Bushstar have documented it withing Github FTC commits. Any contributer could go through commits and make a list of FTC parameters and changes, required to patch head Bitcoin to FTC …

    Where’as FTC have a small team slowly moving forward, or already having tasks or responsibilities >> hobby that could easily be accelerated with more support. Either completing some small task, learning part of the development procedure … all would help these new features appear.

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