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Project: Indian Market

  • newbies | Tip mohsin_mubarak

    We are trying to break feathercoins in Indian Markets but setting up a exchange portal and for that we need some members who can sell us coins at lower prices than international markets. Without the help of you people we can break into Indian markets.
    Donations are welcomed.
    Interested members please PM

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    @ mohsin_mubarak Interesting project.

    FTC is an open project, the admins and members have contributed the guides, forum and software to run such exchange and to “print your own money” by mining Feathercoin. Without the foundation of that work there is nothing to build on …

    A project that relies on “cheap money” to succeed, is liable to fail, but I’d be interested to know more about what “Indian Market” is, in case we can help point to what is available.

    i.e. FTC is the “printer” that prints the money, the admins maintain the printer, the forum is set up to train other printer maintainers.

    The forum also has sections, like projects, usually hardware or software based and Generally FTC / Blockchain related.

    Feathercoin specific technical developments, official and unofficial are in the Technical developments thread. Any non FTC related discussion can be held in Off Topic.

    Feathercoin has a specific section for discussing Marketplaces issues, there is a specific sub section for exchanges. The moderators will allow a thread per exchange but spaming will be banned.


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