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Feathercoin's future price

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    There isn’t a thread where people are discussing the price of feather so I thought it would be good if there was one. I think Feathercoin will be $5 by the end of August 2017. You’ll see a great increase in price after halving and this will gradually go to $5 a coin. (The devs behind feathercoin are developing great things and they never give up!) After that there will be a short withdraw to $3 and from then on we’ll see. These upcoming weeks are the last opportunities that you’ll be able to buy feathercoin so cheap. This is my opinion but I would like anyones opinion as well. Here is a chart of feathercoin the last month. Show we drawings technical analysis etc… Very keen about your vision on feathercoin.

    SNAPSHOT TAKEN ON 13 JUNE 2017 AT 16:35
    0_1497364543408_Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 16.35.26.png

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    @Orgest i think you are very optimistic i think we will most likely stay at 7 to 9 cents until the halving that will give a short boost to maybe 15 or 20 cents after wich it will drop to about 10 to 13 where it will hover and hopefully slowly climb to 20 until october

    and i think im very optimistic with that

  • | Tip kelsey

    not sure i could put a fiat price on ftc potential, but its alot better then many of the current top 20 by marketcap.
    so certainly multi dollar price for 1 ftc is possible.
    unlike most if ftc just concentrates on being a usable currency and price will take care of itself.

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    @kelsey true that!

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    @shadow1117 that may be the case as well. We never now a 100% sure. Still very confident something crazy is going to happen. Good luck to us all!

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    Hi @orgest, I love your speculation price, $5 for 1 FTC would be lovely…at that point, I’d just wait shops and restaurants to accept it so I can buy my dinner with Feathercoins!

    I think it will touch 0.30 USD per FTC…but that’s just quick speculation based on last years pump and drawing random lines on a chart 😉

    if I really think about it, I’d like to see a slow steady rise that is matched with our slow but steady adoption…and as the price rises slowly I’d like to see a slow and gradual increase in hashrate…none of this pump and dump nonsense.

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    @aciddude I think pushing adoption to merchants will do a lot to contribute to healthy price rises. If someone asked you “Why feathercoin?”, knowing they have many other market options, what would you say?

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    New foundation built.
    1 Day chart still looking good with loads of RSI available. MACD movement has been broken to maintain growth.
    0_1497643984394_Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 22.11.38.png
    1 Week chart looking amazing. Just see it yourself, feathercoin is going to the moon.

    0_1497644029238_Screen Shot 2017-06-16 at 22.11.59.png

  • | Tip mkxjinshan

    feathercoin price are rising steadily.

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    I don’t trade but you’d have done well buying on Thursday and selling on Sunday, over the last few weeks …


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    @Truth_Policy said in Feathercoin's future price:

    @aciddude I think pushing adoption to merchants will do a lot to contribute to healthy price rises. If someone asked you “Why feathercoin?”, knowing they have many other market options, what would you say?

    “Why Feathercoin ?”

    • ACP
    • eHRC
    • The amazing and hard working community we have. (unlike the poison/politics) you see on /r/btc & /r/bitcoin
    • Block time speed
    • anti ASIC. - Feathercoin is currently ASIC resistant thanks to NeoScrypt

    That’s why.

    Feathercoin can easily be the crypto that you buy coffee with, it’s a crypto for the masses with enough coins to be spread easily.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    so speculating on the future is fun. The market place for crypto currencies is changing all the time and it makes historical prices a pretty poor reference point. any extrapolation you do is… well not going to be right. That being said. lets do some! 😄

    first block from

    feathercoin 2013-04-16 - 1543 days
    litecoin 2011-10-08 - 2099 days
    bitcoin 2013-04-16 - 3101 days

    if everything were equal (it’s not) we should be able to look at the value x days out and divide by 4 from litecoin or 16 from bitcoin. of course run ups on price completely destroy this model, but again lets do it anyway.

    first right now. (https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/xxxx/)
    at day 1543

    feathercoin today - $0.067957 - 0.00002694 bitcoin

    litecoin 2015-12-29 - $3.47 - 0.00818907 bitcoin
    adjusted $0.8675 - 0.0020472675 … feathercoin vs litecoin 7.83% - 1.3159%

    bitcoin 2013-04-01 - $4.88 - 1 bitcoin (https://99bitcoins.com/price-chart-history/)
    adjusted $0.305 - 0.0625 bitcoin … feathercoin vs bitcoin 22.28% - 0.043104%

    feather coin is tracking down from both historical prices. bitcoin’s case is just crazy as a comparison point, but in both cases the big take away is its conversion to bitcoin. people do not value it as 1/16th or 1/4th of the two currencies. for litecoin it has 1.31% the bitcoin value of litecoin… and .043104% of the expected value compared to bit coin. this shows how much the market value has increased in general and how poorly received feathercoin currently is (since ideally the number would be 100% if it was equivilent to bitcoin)

    Now lets skip ahead 6 months 1 year to see where like litecoin and bit coin ended up.

    –6 months–
    litecoin 2016-06-29 - $4.10 - 0.00637223 bitcoin
    adjusted $1.025 - 0.0015930575

    bitcoin 2013-10-01 - $133.03 - 1 bitcoin
    adjusted $33.2575 - 0.0625 bitcoin

    –1 year–
    litecoin 2016-12-29 - $4.56 - 0.00467491 bitcoin
    adjusted $1.14 - 0.0011687275

    bitcoin 2014-04-01 - $458.09 - 1 bitcoin
    adjusted $114.5225 - 0.0625 bitcoin

    again, It’s tough to draw any extrapolation from these numbers. partly cause its only 3 data points, but mainly cause crypto-currency is still in its infancy for being adopted and used for commerce. So spikes/speculation and media hype and general adoption are widely varying the price from currency to currency.

    so there ya go. fun to look at but its usefulness is pretty darn limited. i’ll leave you with this; IF feathercoin was suddenly adopted like either litecoin or bitcoin and had the same valuation increase as 2013-10-01 and 2014-04 bit coin did. it’s values would be

    feathercoin 2018-01-07 - $0.08

    feathercoin 2018-07-07 - $0.09

    feathercoin 2018-01-07 - $7.41

    feathercoin 2018-07-07 - $25.52

    lets hope we track closer to bitcoins growth :}

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    @j_scheibel Thanks for the interesting price analysis. I’ve noted some of the things that I think affect price over the time period you describe.

    Bitcoin is a pioneering technology, a bit like the first vacuum cleaner. Although we called them “Hoovers” other cleaners were made, and they used the same suction technology.

    It is not the same situation now, over the years since Bitcoin started it has already been shown that cryptocurrency experiment is viable. That was not so sure / known, even when Feathercoin began, four years ago.

    Over that same period, Litecoin has shown cryptocurrency can exist on different algorythms, Feathercoin has shown coins can survive and be secure on the same algorythm (set of miners).

    Bitcoin has had to get over the barrier of development and acceptance, even now that is limited. As the common use of Bitcoin increases, the barrier level to crypto-currency in general break down, if that happens Litecoin or other coins with Foundations or Industry paid developers should see the first benefit. That is because they have everything “ready to go”. You may see more exponential change, because take up can be so rapid.

    The pricing figures tend to confirm similar, “secondary” use case for Litecoin and Feathercoin, among other things alternate value transfer and storage.

    Litecoin now has a foundation and permanent programmers, for Feathercoin to maintain any sort of comparison in price is a great achievement.

    I am an an expert in FMECA and whilst “monitoring symptoms” such as price, can be informative, it is preventing “causes of failure” which should be primary task of Administration.

    That is why the Feathercoind mining software, to mine the blockchain and wallet to access your funds is the primary goal of FTC Technical Development, secondary goal is GPU or ASIC mining capacity for security.

    The primary gaol of FTC Administration is to maintain the forum so there is maximum transparency / contribution from the community to Technical Development, forum moderation, web site development, server admin, wallet user support, mining support, pool support etc.

  • Regular Member | Tip Orgest

    @wrapper exactly why I believe Feathercoin will be the top Cyrptocurrency of the future. The way it sublimes in real life is different than the other coins. @j_scheibel very interesting analysis I hope ftc will be $25 next year!

  • | Tip mkxjinshan

    FTC will be more and more better。the price will hit 1$ again.

  • | Tip shadow1117

    Amazing times…

    FTC has a 24h volume of 264.86117586 BTC on bittrex right now that are 684887.64 USD probably the highest volume I’ve ever seen for FTC.

    And is was on 10 uscent tonight.

    The halving is going to be huge. (I hope so)

    Absolutely crazy:

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