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Feathercoin Block chain difficulty / hash rate analysis 12/09/2017

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    Feathercoin Transactions and mining Difficulty 15pm to 9:30 am UK - 1000Blocks 12/09/2017

    Feathercoin - Analysis of Block Time, Difficulty and Transactions quantity and values.

    Overview and Conclusions

    The Feathercoin difficulty has increased to an average value of 36, with peak values near 500 over the last 2 days. The hash variations is much larger than previous analysis, showing very high levels of hash power being dirrected at FTC. Almost too high possibly indicating a very large pool or some new equipment available to one miner.

    This analysis is a check of blockchain timings and activity. Over 1000 Blocks … from 11th to 12/09/2017

    Since the high difficulty rates on the 10th the high rates have reduced, in duration.rate

    The average block time over 1000 Blocks is good at 1:06 mins

    However the number of long maximum block times has increased. The high hash rate “attack” has settled in mining Feathercoins approximately every 2 Hours.

    The percentage of blocks with transactions was ~22% of blocks. The transfer to Fee value is also “high” at 3% Value transfered

    There were 64 minor time anomolies in the blockchain timings for the 1000 min test peroid. Many of those time anomalies were due to Blocks with the similar times, before and the high hash times.

    Feathercoin Block Analysis

    FTC is routinely analysed if there are any concerns. These analysis are stored on Github to use as templates or review historical analysis.

    Values of the parameters analysed can be extracted from FTC debug file. The ABE software used to produce sites such as http://explorer.feathercoin.com/chain/Feathercoin?count=1000&hi=1783533 does some of this work for you, so for sporadic analysis of a few days it is convenient to scrape the data from there.

    Normally the web site displays up to 100 blocks but this can be expanded manually.

    The data is accumulated in a text document, then pasted into the spreadsheet template from the last analysis. Charts and calculations data ranges are corrected as required.

    Overview of the 1000 min period up to 12/09/2017

    FTC Fees over 1000 Blocks 80000
    Transactions less fees 2.38M FTC
    3 % Fee to Transaction volume ratio
    Percentage Blocks with Transaction 22%
    Average Block Time 4 days 1:06 mins

    Feathercoin Transaction time data analysis charts 12/09/2017 over 1000 Blocks

    Feathercoin Difficulty

    Block Difficulty

    FTC Difficulty 12/09/2017

    Block Times

    FTC Block Times 12/09/2017

    Transactions per Block

    FTC Transactions 12/09/2017

    Block Transaction values

    FTC Transactions Values 12/09/2017

    The block time has settled down to 1:06. The high block rate is still slightly evident. Probably changed to shorter duration burst to reduce difficulty increase.

    Effect on block time zoomed in*

    FTC Block times 12/09/2017

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