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Second Newbie posting...

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    Fixing the forum. While I appreciate the necessity of having people post on the Newbie forum to prevent spamming, I have found that it is disconcerting that I need to post twice (as recommended by someone in the shoutbox). I suspect that reason is to prevent spammers.

    However there are a couple of alternatives that I would suggest as a solution. The first would required setting up an arrangement with the programmers at satoshipay.io. My solution would be a pay to play option. The people at satoshipay have come up with a mechanism that allows people to buy satoshis from Paypal or by transferring them from a couple of different places (eg. coinbase). You can then use the Satoshi Sun as a way of having a paywall to pay for revealing content. If nothing else it is a quick way to buy $50 worth of Bitcoin. My suggestion would be to have a feathercoinpay (or what is the name of the least unit of feathercoin) with the same functionality but would be necessary to pay to post. The price could be ridiculously low but it would really annoy spammers. The proceeds could also be used to fund raise. A mechanism could be made to repay the posting values to everyone who isn’t marked as a spammer at the end of a month.

    My other suggestion is to connect the forum to the STEEM blockchain and to give an opportunity for this community to earn $$ while making good posts.

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    you are able to post in all sections now.

    Welcome 😃