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Online marketing

  • Regular Member | Tip Orgest

    Hello guys

    I really like Feathercoin and the community behind the coin, but there needs to be some marketing done for Feathercoin. It’s just that people haven’t heard about the coin yet. To do so I propose we do online marketing. Concrete: facebook business, Google AdWords (Display marketing) etc… I have several businesses where we apply the marketing for our own good and for clients. I’m an Google partner with my marketing agency and would like to do the marketing (the setup of the marketing plan, designing the ads and getting the best results for the most possible cost) for free.

    I’m willing to put €250 of my own funds into the marketing if we can create a fund for a big marketing campaign. €250 will get some good reach, but the more money we have to run ads, the higher the reach, the better the results. Obviously.

    So, who’s in? Let me know if you have any ideas on how to collect the fund etc…

  • Regular Member | Tip Yourkeysyourcoin

    I would say yes, and no. Yes, we need to spread the word definitely! No, because the developers are working hard on the tech right now. They are bout to test some new stuff and then they will make it go live. Getting more attention will put them under pressure. When the good stuff is live I think then we should go full throttle marketing. But then again, this is just a humble opinion from my side.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Here’s the FTC wallet guide for 0.9.6.x for you to use for ideas.


  • Regular Member | Tip Orgest

    @yourkeysyourcoin Well too be honest I’m a 100% with you. While the tech gets better, the community will grow as well and then we start the marketing.

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