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Feathercoin - Bounty Addresses for contributers to FTC

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    Feathercoin 0.9.6.x series - Contributions

    Thank you to everyone involved in developing 0.9.6.x Whilst Lizhi revcieved some bonuses for parts of the work everyone else has contributed freely.

    This page is to give an opportunity to show appreciation, in particular to those who have helped me to contribute who aren’t directly involved with FTC.

    General contribution to Feathercoin bounty & operating costs fund :

    General FTC address : 6p8u3wtct7uxRGmvWr2xvPxqRzbpbcd82A

    Contribute tips to Individual FTC Developers.

    @AFB Redesigned the FTC icons and FTC wallet user interface. : 6e3U9HhXGZP43rxAQCUqPsbV48cddS4a5K

    @Wrapper 72RyZKLdJZatJNZg4vPsjj9xB3yb2o822X

    @Wellenreiter - Software builds, support, servers, NodeBB, programming, testing, change control, releases, ACP, eHRC, p2pool, mobile-wallet, ABE, Github, CAlert system for upgrade messages … etc etc …

    Feathercoin : 6dyszKcguKiHeAKzwYzC6vAomMEADP8DyT

    @Bushstar - Rockstar programmer, neoscrypt upgrade, bug fixing, ACP, eHRC, etc

    @AciDD - Builds, tests, coding, MacOS, support, etc


    @Ghostlander - Invented and developed Neoscrypt, Neoscrypt miner, p2pool, advises on FTC development, etc.

    @Lizhi - Stealth transactions, Multi-signature transactions, GUI updates, 0.9.x.x series update … etc …

    @iawgoM - https://www.feathercoin.com/feathercoin-graphic-resources/

    Any other members supporting with FTC artwork or web design etc, PM @Wrapper with your tip address and we’ll add you.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Don’t forget, if you can’t send FTC a Christmas card, a small donation will do to say thank you :

    General FTC contributions address : 6p8u3wtct7uxRGmvWr2xvPxqRzbpbcd82A

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