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Thinking about building another rig..

  • Regular Member | Tip Time2Shine

    I know this may seem unrealistic, but what would it take to achieve a 1 GH/s GPU rig? I know the largest battle would be heat dissipation and power consumption, but will 15 Radeon rx 480’s reach that high? I’ve been out of the game awhile and was just wondering what cards are best bang for the buck right now.

    I’m certainly going to be liquid cooling the GPU’s, so that is another cost factor. I’m thinking about building a large water tank above the rig and basically splice in to the water cooling lines to suck water from a larger reservoir. One of these could be made fairly cheap with glass such as a fish tank. Using only distilled water, having the cooler fan pumps draw from the tank where I could put ice in or just whatever.

    This is all hypothetical, just brainstorming at the moment…

  • Regular Member | Tip Time2Shine

    Electricity cost in my area is 0.117 kWh

    I’m going to assume anywhere from 3k-5k kWh will be running 24x7 so 6-8 amps needed at the electrical connection.

  • Regular Member | Tip Time2Shine

    I think my math was off… I think it will take almost 40 gpus.

  • | Tip lcr11

    Yep, I’m looking build another one but 1070s are like gold. I may build a 13GPU rig from 1060s or RX580s since I can get them relatively cheap. 3GB 1060s are around $250 and 6GB versions are about $300 and about $290 for RX580s

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    1 GH/s=1000 MH/s

    You can get nvidia cards now that do 1.1-1.3 MH/s

    so you need a thousand of them…roughly.

    I vote, go for it! 🙂

  • | Tip F3derz

    @time2shine Just wondering if you pushed through with it. Any updates?

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