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    MOBILINK Network is the 1st Decentralized Mobile Telecom Provider and has now launched the MOBILINK-COIN, making it the only border-less and decentralized telecom network, using Ethereum Smart Contract based blockchain technology with our unique algorithm to calculate Ad revenue sharing and Proof of Work.

    MOBILINK-COIN will eliminate all mobile monthly fees to users, by replacing your current mobile SIM card with a MOBILINK-SIM Card. The revenue that’s currently generated from user’s monthly voice/data service fee will be replaced by revenue from digital advertising. In fact, revenues generated from digital mobile ads per user are forecasted to be more than 235% of mobile monthly fee revenues by 2021. This will allow MOBILINK-Network and its COIN holders to earn more in MOBILINK-COINS than what they would currently pay in monthly mobile service fees.

    Example: If your monthly mobile phone bill was $60/month, instead of it charging you that amount monthly, you will earn $40 or more in value of MOBILINK-COINS. In addition, MOBILINK-COIN market cap value will increase based on its massive activity of COIN transfers, remittances and usage amount, therefore allowing the MOBILINK-COIN market cap value to increase exponentially. Unlike centralized telecom carriers, that charge you a monthly fee for local voice and data usage, in addition to international roaming rates and overage fees, MOBILINK will charge no monthly fees, and there are no roaming fees or hidden fees, because there are no fees PERIOD!

    Integrated with our MOBILINK-Network is our MOBILINK-WALLET platform which will allow users to buy, sell, hold and manage cryptocurrencies and cryptonized assets in a secure manner. Additionally, the MOBILINK-COIN MasterCard will allow consumers to engage in e-commerce and walk-in purchases within the mercantile sector. All while the consumer is in full control of his finances at all times.

    MOBILINK-COIN ICO is designed to facilitate the development of this platform with full details available on the website. The MOBILINK-COIN Private ICO sale has began on December 15, 2017, while the Pre-ICO will be launched on February 20th, 2018 and the ICO is launching on 30 January, 2018 by Mobilink Network.

    MOBILINK NETWORK is also offering premium rewards for early adopters. Visit www.Mobilink.io for more information.

    Distribution plan includes Operation Overhead, Interconnection Development, Advertisement, Marketing, and Development.

    The second month of 2018, MOBILINK-COINS will be released on exchanges. The team has not yet listed the coin to open trades since it initially decided to list coins only after the work is completed and the project is launched.

    MOBILINK-Network and MOBILINK-COIN aim to build a mobile service provider digital ecosystem of the future. The Mobilink-coin will lay a foundation and ecosystem, where we foresee massive growth and potential not just for 1 or 2 years from now, but for decades into the future. MOBILINK-Network is leading the way in innovation and will be changing the economic social landscape of digital media and communications worldwide.

    ICO Dates: 15 January – 25 February, 2018

    Company site: https://mobilink.io/

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    You posted that post 6 days ago already in the off-topic category.

    Be aware, that posting the same content several times is deemed as spamming.

    Please refrain from posting this again.

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    Why would you want loads of ads as a mobile user?
    I’d much rather pay for a service with no ads!

    I’ve spent the last lifetime avoiding ads - why would I want to adopt a system who’s usp is based around ad revenue?

    It’s a no from me - I’m out

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    i am intrigued by the idea, but am concerned that theres an investment price of $300 to get a sim… currently that would work out to be above and beyond what i currently pay out for my contracts, with little to no evidence that i would see that investment returned in adequate time.

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    Ach… ads man who needs them?
    Pointless digital clutter.

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