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Solo Mining UFO

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    I have been looking around, and playing with my machines the last few days attempting to get a solo UFO miner running.

    From everything I’ve found, with the latest updates to UFO, it doesn’t appear that it is possible to solo mine with Nvidia. Is it possible to use NSG Miner with Nvidia, or is that miner strictly for AMD?

    @ghostlander, I would imagine you keep pretty busy without my help…but…are there any plans for updating ccminer to where it will work with the latest UFO version? If not, what would it take to move that process a little higher on your priority list? =o)

  • Regular Member | Tip ghostlander

    @jimmy24651 NSGminer can do solo mining with the NVIDIA GPUs, though performance is lower than of those CUDA miners right now. It may change in the future if it gets a separate NVIDIA OpenCL kernel. My CUDA miner supports GetWork and Stratum, so if the latest UFO still supports GetWork, it will do.

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