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Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

New p2pool that supports ftc development

  • | Tip Tobi97l

    Hello all,

    i thought a while about how i could help with the development of ftc. I know i could make some donations but they would be pretty small because i just can’t afford to give money away right now. But considering Peter is working for free currently and has done a lot for our community in a very short amount of time i wanted to give something back. Considering i am mining over 12 hours a day i thought that i could just share a little bit of my hashrate.

    To do this i created a p2pool that is collecting a 1% fee. The payout adress for these fees is Peters donation adress (6hf9DF8H67ZEoW9KmPJez6BHh4XPNQSCZz). I don’t think that i can prove that i am really using his adress and that this isn’t a scam except by mining on it myself and getting the first payments to his adress done so you have to trust me at the beginning. Or is there a way to check to which adress the fees are getting paid?

    If you want to support peters work too feel free to join me in my pool. The pool adress is: http://ftcp2pool.ddns.net:19327/

    It is very important that you use this adress and not the ip adress from http://p2pool.neoscrypt.de/ because i don’t have a static ip adress. It changes every day.

    I also made a strawpoll where you can vote on how many percent of your hashrate you would like to donate for Feathercoins development. Based on the result i might change the fee in the future. http://www.strawpoll.me/14985345

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