Feathercoin daemon and wallet production version 0.19.1
Old daemon and wallet version 0.18.3

Yiimp Pool Setup for Feathercoin and any other coins

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    Get your mining pool ready within hours & start mining coins of your choice

    We provide mining pools setup services [e.g, Yiimp etc.] both for personal, private and public pools which you setup to run a side business or a private pool that literally will allow to mine any mine-able crypto currencies.

    You can get a mining pool for your own let’s say you have few rigs of your own, family and friends and been mining on other public pools but if you have your own private mining pool then you can get all blocks yourself rather than just getting part of shares.


    1. Setting up [Yiimp open source or any other pool mining application] crytocurrency mining pool and install coin’s wallet, including full configuration, compile any coins wallet daemons of your choice and algo, prepare servers for thousands of miners and even for small private pools for personal purposes.

    We can also trouble shoot your existing Yiiimp pools and daemon wallets for any problem.

    2. You do not need to provide password or access to your server directly. We’ll perform all tasks in front of you using TeamViewer. You will open server console on your computer.

    3. Your server should either have fresh Ubuntu 16.03 or Ubuntu 16.04 installed. It can be a VPS or a dedicated server.

    4. Yiimp is an open source pool software that currently supports these algorithms a5a, argon2, bastion, bitcore, blake, blake2s, blakecoin, c11, decred, deep, dmd-gr, fresh, hive, hmq1725, hsr, jha, keccak, keccakc, lbry, luffa, lyra2, lyra2v2, lyra2z, m7m, myr-gr, neoscrypt, nist5, penta, phi, polytimos, quark, qubit, scrypt, scryptn, sha, sha256t, sib, skein, skunk, timetravel, tribus, vanilla, veltor, velvet, whirlpool, x11, x11evo, x12, x13, x14, x15, x16r, x16s, x17, xevan, yescrypt, yescryptR16, yescryptR32. Therefore, any coin will work with Yiimp pool as long as they are using anyone of above algos.

    5. Usually it takes 3 to 5 hours to setup pool, installation, compilation crypto coin’s daemon wallets etc depending on number of coins being installed and compiled.

    6. We accept work payment in BTC, altcoins or even PayPal.

    7. You get one week free of cost full tech support in case you encounter any issues or problems with your pool.

    If you are interested please contact using these modes

    Skype: [email protected]

    Email: [email protected]

    Telegram: https://t.me/goodthebest or add @goodthebest

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