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[ANN] Feathercoin Development Foundation - Rise of the Phoenix

  • | Tip lclc_

    Dear members

    I’m very happy to announce what we have been working on the last few months:

    The founding of the Feathercoin Development Foundation (FDF) together with Peter Bushnell.

    alt text

    You can find more information regarding the story and purpose of the foundation is in our blog post: https://medium.com/@Feathercoin/announcing-the-feathercoin-development-foundation-fabb42205f98

    We are happy to answer any questions regarding this 🙂

    Website of the FDF: https://feathercoin.foundation/

  • Regular Member | Tip AmDD

    Very cool. Are all board members on this forum? It would be nice to formally welcome everyone to the community.

  • | Tip Bushstar

    This really is a good news. I went to Switzerland to meet with the other members of the Foundation about a month ago before I signed on as a member myself. This does not change the way that Feathercoin Core development works but will pursue work external to it. Think about how Bitcoin works, there’s Bitcoin Core and then there’s lot of other options for users and services to choose from, Core acts as the backbone and the many other solutions in give people the freedom and choice to interact in whichever way is most appropriate for them. The Foundation will help provide these options to users and services to lower the bar of entry for Feathercoin use across end users and businesses.

    I’m very excited for Feathercoin and after meeting the rest of the team in person have every confidence that the Foundation will help rapidly progress development and adoption.

  • | Tip goldbuffalo

    This is some very great news! Will the main website receive an update to reflect the new investment backings and foundation? Thanks for all the hard work!

  • | Tip rogerdarin


    A new website would be one (visible) way to spend resources on. What are other things that should be tackled?

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