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multiple wallets on 1 pc

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    Is there an easy way to run 2 wallets on a pc?

    i was going to give a gift of a usb with a wallet on it as a gift to a friend (he has a newborn, something to set aside and use when college comes). I have a 2nd pc and its pretty easy to setup a new wallet there. but i wondered if there was an easier way. i wanted it to be a surprise. so i’m not going to send it to his account/wallet. I didnt want to mess with a paper wallet.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    you can start feathercoind/feathercoin-qt with the ‘-walletdir=xxx’ to create a second wallet in another directory than the default one.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    got it, I had already just made a fresh install on a new pc and started messing with the wallet.dat file there once i had my coins moved over. (removing it, replacing it… seeing what happens etc) but its good to know i can just do it on 1 pc in the future. thanks!

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