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Prove him wrong !!!!!

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    Lets get motivated and prove to the crypto space ftc is very much alive.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    eh, i watched about 20 seconds of the video. “is just a copy of” … is what i heard. and i think well this youtube video is just a copy of every other one so… eh. 😉

  • | Tip kelsey

    interesting to watch though and it does express a certain sector of the cryptos communities (especially new peoples) views.
    seems in crypto there is an obsession with flipping to the latest coins as if they are some new tech (over older coins like btc n ftc etc),. so it leaves room for people to just pump out coins/platforms adding a ‘tech’ talking whitepaper and the voom they get to be flavor of the day til the next new tech coin/flatform spams the community.

    way better for crypto adoption is to improve on the btc type platforms.

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    Haha, yea this is nonsense. How is FTC gone? A 5 min search proves that wrong. Newbies always chasing innovation where there is none. No crypto function can work before store of value is established, and not even Bitcoin has that locked in well enough to be viable yet. . . .First its got to build a stable value, then you build functions on top of that value. And these coins with codes different from BTC can’t benefit from the fact that 95% of all the best development happens on BTC. . . . The combustion engine doesn’t work well enough yet to put in a car, and most projects are working on seat cushions and dingle balls.

  • | Tip bsotnikow

    yea dude is an idiot. Also says ETC is a fork of ETH. Uh, nope, other way around. Im not gonna comment cause i don’t want to give him my traffic.

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    As I understood from the comments to this link, it is not worth watching it.

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    @cryptofan said in Prove him wrong !!!!!:

    As I understood from the comments to this link, it is not worth watching it.

    You are so right!!

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