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    Hey guys and gals. So I’ve been mining FTC for about a year now. And its been a roller coaster ride. I even tend to some of my friends miners. Well… I ran into an issue where his miner was constantly shutting down after so many hours of running, and seeing that I was working on his miner remotely, it was difficult for me to know when his miner was running or not. So I did some research and started putting some puzzle pieces together… I wrote a small code (from a lot of help of resources, I wish I could claim all of the fame for this fix).

    This code has been working flawlessly for me for a month now and I thought I’d share that with you. What it does is, RUN FOR 4 hours, SHUTS DOWN for 7 seconds, and then RESTARTS RUNNING FOR 4 hours. It works great.

    *****MAKE SURE YOURE USING CCMINER , COPY and PASTE THE CODE IN NOTEPAD, and EDIT your own ADDRESS, and your own pool that your mining with. Also, remember to save this in the CCMINER folder as a “.bat” *******

    Here’s the code:

    @echo off
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------
    echo Automated Miner to run forever… 🙂 by Addam North
    echo --------------------------------------------------------------------------

    set executable=ccminer-x64.exe
    set commandline=–freq=1150 --gc3355=\.\COM1 --url=stratum+tcp:// -u 3QpfXJetQTEvFpmREP5DsvyFqqhH5oRqC7 -p x
    set runforseconds=14400
    set restartinseconds=10
    set /a counter=0

    start ccminer-x64 -a neoscrypt -i 17 -o stratum+tcp:// -u 3QpfXJetQTEvFpmREP5DsvyFqqhH5oRqC7 -p x
    echo The software will run for 4 hours and restart automatically.
    timeout 14400
    taskkill /f /im ccminer-x64.exe
    echo Restarting the software in 7 seconds (%counter%)
    timeout 7
    set /a counter+=0
    goto start

    If anyone would like to add to this, or hook me up with a tip or maybe even have some advice, I’m all eyes and ears.

    FTC: 6zaumv7gMJq2diMVRLstWMRvnyXwBCYLxX

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    Thanks for helping the community 😃

    To get tips from readers, you may want to add your FTC address in your profile-> settings area.
    People then can tip your with a click on he ‘Tip addamnorth’ besides your name at the top of your posts, if they have a wallet on the pc/mobile they use for browsing 😉

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    Thanks so much for that tip!!!

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    Nice! Thanks for the tip.

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