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Getting into mining (RTX2080)

  • | Tip Christian_Masek

    Hey guys,

    As I got myself a new desktop computer (mainly for gaming) I decided to get more into the field of mining to get a better understanding overall.
    I started out with Ccminer and the https://feathercoin.miningpoolhub.com/ .
    Following are my specs (just tell me, if I need to add something):

    • CPU : Intel Core i7-8700K

    • GPU: Asus RTX 2080

    • Ram: 32gb DDR4 (3200MHz)

    • Power Supply: 650W

    Currently the max. Hashrate I got was about 1’070 kH/s with the basic intensity being set to 16.250 (according to Ccminer).

    If you guys have any idea, what I could try to see some difference/get a feeling for it --> feel free:-).


    PS: If any of you has a good link to deeper technical explanations about the whole difficulty calculating process/mining process at all - would be great!!

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    @Christian_Masek Not sure what you mean by ‘see some differences’, but

    If you mean differences in the archived hash rate you can start modifyinng the intensity parameter, either in ccminer’s config file or by using the -I command line parameter.

    Typically lowering the intensity reduces the archived hash rate and the power consumption of the GPU.

    Inreasing the intensity increases the hashrate, but if it is set too high, you will notice errors in the ccmimer logs, and the hash rate way drop.

    When you have found the optimal setting for the intensity, you can do another -slightly dangerous- thing, which is to overclock your GPU and GPU memory, if your card/driver software does allow that.

    If you go for that it is at your own risk, as your GPU may overheat or even be destroyed.
    You should increase the clock rates with very small steps.
    In order to reduce the risk of overheating you could try to lower the GPU voltage a bit, but possibility again is dependent on your GPU driver software.

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