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Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !!

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    The probably fair casino

    Blackjack.Fun is a site ((casino)) launched in 2018. Here you can play games with BTC, DASH, LTC. The results are probably fair. You can edit the client grain to be more fair and fun in your bets.
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    Frequently Asked Questions about Blackjack.fun

    How much is the minimum deposit?
    No minimum or maximum deposit
    How much is the withdrawal fee?
    There is no withdrawal fee. Only cryptocurrency transaction fee, which depends on different cryptocurrencies
    The dominance of chips?
    You can change the dominance of chips from Menu - Settings
    How fast is the withdrawal of funds?
    Blackjack.fun has instant withdrawals
    What are the buttons in the lower left corner?
    These 3 are Bridges of life. Nobody has them
    Show dealer card.
    After 10 bets you can use this line of life. This is an opportunity to see dealers another card before opening the cards.
    Show the next card.
    After 20 bets you can use this line of life. It is an option to see the next card that goes to the table.
    Change one card.
    This is the best and most difficult way to get a life buoy. Activated after 30 bets. With this line of life, you can replace any card on the table with a new random card. You can choose when you want to use these lines of life.
    How much does the affiliate commission cost?
    Share of revenue 50%
    Cookie expiration is not limited
    Lifetime fees for attracted players
    No administration fees
    Instant partnership payments
    No minimum payments
    No maximum payments
    Also targeted to the mobile market
    Access to live statistics and reports
    How many decks in a one-handed game?
    There are 4 decks
    What is the minimum bid limit?
    Minimum bet
    Bitcoin 0.000001
    Litecoin 0.000001
    Dash 0.000001
    What is the maximum bid limit?
    Bitcoin Rate 0.1
    Litecoin 0.1
    Dash 0.1
    How to manually check the results?
    Fairly honest algorithm:
    The server generates a random seed
    The server grain is hashed and sent to the player. Can be seen in the menu - Fair enough
    The player will send his own seed. Seed can be entered manually in the Menu - Fair enough
    Two seeds mixed with sha256
    The output is used as a seed in the Mersenne Twister RNG
    The deck consists of 4 decks of cards
    The deck is shuffled using the algorithm of Fischer-Yates, wherein in step 5 may RNG
    example, let’s choose server seeds and client
    primary server number: 85728A263F0639D368DF48852D54A8F767512500D62E111EDAF972906A414FF80643A5FF7B3A8E3F9129DB1DA261FAC41C7431F74F099654301F57F497E8F1FE
    client seed: f192685b5b26c72a92a833830947e5cac3383d5aa5b5210d2782f4fb51ba00bc7e5ce1b190c24013
    Using these values
    hash seed server will 6A66A88382FAA06BB2EBCF2AA69EDF76596197D92C899D86A144990890B96EC8
    client Head and server hashed together: ccfdcb55b4369d121854f77fbe8104e03a5a5611decd25afbdb88b02328a5a32
    RNG seed: [3439184725, 3023478034, 408221567, 3196126432, 978998801, 3737986479, 3182988034, 847927858] (3439184725dec = 0xCCFDCB55hex, etc.)
    The first N random values ​​obtained by RNG: [1139729824841641, 461, 461, 461, 461, 461, 461, 461, 461, 481, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 241, 038, 0, 0, 0, 0; , 4115959087, …]
    Using the same logic in the game deck, you can make sure that the server cannot change the output of the game
    ━━━━ Blackjack is fun! Probably honestly (((casino))) !! ━━━━
    ⟨⟨https://blackjack.fun⟩ ━━━━━━━

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    The site blackjack.fun offers instant withdrawals getting your money the fastest way
    possible. So you can deposit make 1 bet and win, then instantly

    Add this website to your smartphone home screen and you have very cool full-screen crypto blackjack always in your pocket.


    ━━━━ Blackjack fun !! The probably fair (((casino))) !! ━━━━
    ━━━━━━━ ⟨ http://blackjack.fun/ ⟩ ━━━━━━━

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    Hello, Crypto community!
    Since I was so busy for a few days, I couldn’t share any updates.
    So, now I am here, If you face any problem with blackjack.fun then don’t forget to share here.

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    How to claim this 0.05 dash?

    Just create an account on blackjack.fun and click this link. You will get 0.05 Dash as bonus. And we are sharing bonus link on chatbox too. So if you want to claim this bonus, stay active or ask on chat box for bonus link. Keep in mind that only just the first 4 people will get this bonus. So be fast to get this bonus.

    Good luck!

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