FWIW Yes the subject is 1070 vs 1080, but just to note: I’m getting 750KH/s on each EVGA 1060 I have.
—$230 each when I got them
—o/c +200MHz to ~1910MHz
—within 10% H/W of most o/c’d 1070’s (7.6H/W without bios upgrades; typical 1070’s do 1150KH/s @ 140+W)
—very quiet with plastic cover removed and fans @80%, 77°C steady in slots in an open case (I’m moving them to risers next week)

My old EVGA 970 SSC’s have worked well for nearly two years, still going strong without any problems, but it was past time to migrate to less noise/heat/power. These 1060’s are half the cheapest 1070 right now (Zotac $450).