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GTX 1070 Vs GTX 1080!

  • | Tip shadow1117

    I can squeeze up to 800KH/s out of my GTX970 G1 Gaming… but at that point it draws nearly 400W… (650KH/s at 250W) so you have to plug efficiency into the calculation… my 970 is fast but power hungry…

    The Power Measurements are Card only the whole system draws about 100 to 250W extra because it’s serving some other purposes too.

  • | Tip bluebox

    FWIW Yes the subject is 1070 vs 1080, but just to note: I’m getting 750KH/s on each EVGA 1060 I have.
    —$230 each when I got them
    —o/c +200MHz to ~1910MHz
    —within 10% H/W of most o/c’d 1070’s (7.6H/W without bios upgrades; typical 1070’s do 1150KH/s @ 140+W)
    —very quiet with plastic cover removed and fans @80%, 77°C steady in slots in an open case (I’m moving them to risers next week)

    My old EVGA 970 SSC’s have worked well for nearly two years, still going strong without any problems, but it was past time to migrate to less noise/heat/power. These 1060’s are half the cheapest 1070 right now (Zotac $450).

  • Regular Member | Tip Kaalhaan

    @miningdude22 Hi guys, with my MSI GTX 1070 (Armor), while mining FTC with P2Pool and “ccminer-2.2.2-32bit-cuda8”, i’m getting:
    960Kh/s with power at 100% and memory clock at +500
    944Kh/s with power at 90% and memory clock at +500
    916Kh/s with power at 80% and memory clock at +500
    938Kh/s with power at 100% and memory clock at +0
    892Kh/s with power at 80% and memory clock at +0
    That’s if i set the intensity at 19.5 (14.5+5) and while using the computer for “low end gaming” or movies [intensity of 17 (12+5)] i’m getting :
    623Kh/s with power at 80%
    592Kh/s with power at 60%

    And i didn’t try to max it out (don’t want to harm my CGU), but with the power set at 105% the memory clock at +550 and the core clock at +125, i got 1052 KH/s with an intensity of 20 (15+5)

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    I am currently running 2 1070 Strix edition cards, very lightly overclocked. This is what I get from give-me-coins website.!0_1511574808745_hashrate.jpg

  • | Tip jimmy24651

    @AcidD That’s definitely more than 1000khs.

    I could get more if I really wanted to play with the OC settings, but I am of the opinion that you should keep a card running/earning for as long as possible, rather than trying to get as much out of them as fast as possible.

  • Regular Member | Tip Phlosen

    Hi @jimmy24651

    I have 2x “Asus 1070 Dual OC” and the give me around 850KHs (NeoScrypt) with Intensity 20 and CCminer 2.2.3, Cuda 9 and 130W Limit. I tried OCing the cards in Ubuntu Server 16.04, but it did not change much. I don’t understand this. I tried everything up to the point that I got some fake HDMI Dummys to hijack the x11 token to even change the clocks and fanspeeds. (Nvidia OC in headless server is a Bull****)
    It seems like my changes take effekt on the cards, at least the readout tells me, that clocks are different. But the Hashrate in benchmark mode of ccminer does just slightly change, even when I underclock GPU and MEM to the lower limit… Overclocking doesn’t change anything…

    I wonder how one should get to 1MH without going way over 150 W. Would you mind to share your absolute values for GPU, MEM and TDP? Not the “offset” but the actual values?


  • | Tip jimmy24651

    I am using NVidia Cards, so I really don’t mess with any of those settings.
    I use Afterburner to adjust my OC settings, but I have never tried to push them to the limit. I figure longevity of the cards is more important than max hashing for the moment. I’ve never adjusted any of the power settings or anything like that, only the core clock…

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    I’ve done some research and hopped onto a few mining channels on slack etc.

    a 1070 is probably the best bet. Most users get 1.1 - 1.3 Mh/s per card …(1.3 if they overclock)

    I’ve read that the 1080 doesn’t give much more of a bang considering the price difference.

    Most people are going with 4x or 6x 1070s per rig… which will give them either ~4 Mh/s or 6 Mh/s rigs

    With a 4 Mh/s rig you can expect to mine around 900 - 1000 FTC a month. Or ~400 USD a month at current prices

    With a 6 Mh/s rig you can expect to mine around 1100- 1400 FTC a month. Or ~600 USD a month at current prices

    stats are from whattomine.com

  • Regular Member | Tip Phlosen


    Hi Acid! Thanks for the effort. I know the stats from whattomine, but i just can’t seem to reach it.
    I will put one of my cards in my Win10 Gaming PC and see what it hashes when is OC it properly. I am just to much of a Noob to be sure that I did everything right in Ubuntu Server.
    However, if I compare my stats to here: http://yiimp.eu/bench?algo=neoscrypt&chip=20 I’m not too far off with my 750kH/s @110W.

  • Regular Member | Tip Phlosen

    Hi Jimmy!
    Thanks for comming back to me on that. There sould be a value for clock/mem/Watt in Afterburner. Right? Maybe you could write these here? I am just curious about the setting of the same Chip with a different Brand…

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