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What do you do for a living?

  • | Tip ville86

    I’m civil engineer

  • | Tip joinmicah

    My Family has been Self Employed for most of life. My Dad Owns a Flag Shop that is located in our residence we sell Flags from all over the world in many sizes. We do not have the resources to do Custom Designs at this time however that is my hope in the near future.

    I am Also the Owner and Founder of ADSactly Total Marketing Solutions I have been working for over a Year Quietly Building what we believe will be a force to reckon with when all our gears are turning.

  • | Tip sebastianrubio


    I’m 30, into graphic design since '02, when I started running a studio with a partner (it ended about 2008, restarting this year again by my own!).
    I like to create my own clothing and have a small business at home, I do digital and traditional drawing that I sell at Etsy (pretty new shop btw).

  • | Tip TheTribesman

    I’m a contractor for IBM. I design/install/troubleshoot ECM/BPM solutions from the FileNet suite of products. Been in the ECM/BPM arena since 1995.

  • Regular Member | Tip mharrison

    I currently work in the I.T. field for a small company, small jobs on the side etc. I do everything I.T. related, security, programming, telling people to reboot, all that. 24 years old, wife and two kids. Been in I.T. since early 2009. Enjoy it.

    I am however interested in moving out of the I.T. field and into real estate or another field.

  • | Tip drumamat

    I’m 28, I’m a professional musician. I play drums professionally and a bunch of other instrument as an amateur.
    I mostly play Jazz, but I get called to play other stuff sometimes : soul, funk, sideman for singers…

    Pretty much the (my) dream life 🙂

  • | Tip quickfeatherman

    Doctoral student in a clinical psychology program.

  • Regular Member | Tip futureproof

    I’m an Oracle Database Administrator for a large financial transaction company. Some of our customers would include PayPal, Amazon and all the large “corrupt” banks of the world. Feel like I’m selling my sole working for some of these customers but hey, it puts food on the table.
    31 years old, married with one daughter and another on the way in Feb.

  • | Tip MTRisner

    Cool thread. A year ago I quit my job as General Manager of a restaurant and opened up a computer repair/consulting business. Then a few months later, I started working for a friend of mine who had a screen printing company that he ran out of his basement. About three months back I went full time doing screen printing and he opened up a full service shop. So I basically print T shirts for a living. It beats working in food service any day of the week.

    Also, one of the shirt websites that we run now accepts FeatherCoin!


  • Regular Member | Tip Pryderi

    Student at Leiden University, made some money with ‘‘Habbo’’, working at festivals and events time to time.

  • | Tip another_user

    i work in a sheep and cattle slaughterboard. great employers! i really like it. is only seasonal, i get about 6 months there every year, but make enough money to get me through when there is no work.

  • | Tip Egnar

    I’m a Special Education Aide in a 1to1 Autism Program [so basically, I [b]AM[/b] the teacher] during the day and am a Black Belt Karate Instructor at night.

    Also working on getting my designer toy business started with my Graphic Designer/Illustrator girlfriend. Got our Website and Facebook up, and a few minor things like stickers… but nothing major yet, need more of an audience first!

  • administrators | Tip uncle_muddy

    Great thread guys!

    I’m 28 plus VAT 😎 work for a massive corporate services company, designing ICT infrastructures to deliver the services we deliver to clients. It has it’s good and bad points in theory I get to play with lots of very big expensive toys, and in practise I never get to see what I have designed running or help with the setup.

    I also run a small engineering company, with my farther producing modifications for Suzuki 4x4 used for off-roading as a hobby, ([url=http://muddyzook.com]http://muddyzook.com[/url]) we have a small but well established range of products that we have been selling for a number of years.

    Recently we have started to move in to the one off and prototyping market for a number of clients, ranging from huge corporates to one man bands to help the bring their ideas to life.

    The FTC thing is all new to me, I’m learning fast and liking the the community here a lot, I’m not sure if there is anything I can bring to the party, but I’ll do my best to support it all the way!


  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    Dr XXXX PhD, Grad. Inst Physics

    Age 57 - Retired disabled, 2004.

    • Senior consultant application and training application of Advance Maintenance Management Techniques. (88-04)

    • Manager Software development, Watchkeeping and Condition monitoring systems (95-03)

    Manchester University and Manchester University Science Park 1988-2003.

    PhD in Noise and Vibration, Industrial supervisor to numerous EngD and PhD students at Manchester University and UMIST on Application of artificial intelligence techniques for data analysis (1988-2002).

  • | Tip aatje92

    I am unfortunately disabled so yeah i mine FTC for a living 😎

  • | Tip cyborg

    Im an undergraduate student… 🙂

  • | Tip LittleOrion

    I’m 18 and in the second year in a Computer scientists aprentissage 😛 i’m mining with the PC’s which i have to setup for our customers, when they are installing some updates and software. And at home i’m mining on my brothers 7990. My own PC brings only 100 - 200 kH. And i’m going out a lot with friends to metal concerts and so on \m/

  • | Tip oddball86

    I’m 27 and work in a R&D lab as a coating engineer. Just about the perfect job for me. Always new projects and different things to work on.


    I am an audio/visual/mixed martial ARtist & Health coach.

    Weather you need some hauntingly uplifting vox, Wicked pix/vid, learn to fight or look like a fighter…VK CLUB SHRED & TeddySpeakersMusic has you covered! 😉


  • | Tip null

    Electronics retail sales. Anything from individual components to hi-fi plugs and cables to arduino kits, RC helicopters and cars, heatshrink, you name it… We just don’t do computers 😞

    If only I could get staff discounted gpus…