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What do you do for a living?

  • | Tip ryan176

    I work as a service engineer in the electronic security industry with clients mostly in the financial and Govt / Semi State areas. I am also a part time student about to begin my final year for a BSc Hons in IT and digital communications systems.
    I live in the west of Ireland with my Wife of three years and our black Labrador neither of which have a clue what crypto currency is :o

  • | Tip padda

    18, working as an IT apprentice to a norwegian company.


  • Regular Member | Tip SkullandHeadphones

    [quote name=“hectorlee” post=“1812” timestamp=“1368106601”]
    I’m an audio professional and musician/sound artist. Looks like I’m the odd one out.


    Not anymore! i’m a Music Director /Talent Buyer/ Producer 😃

  • Regular Member Banned | Tip FTClover

    I’m trained to be a doorman/security officer but waiting for security licence before I can start work… I’m 21 in a few days 😃 and I’m an entrepreneur with several online ecommerce businesses and will be starting a company with my da doing building, maintenance, landscape and security… everything you need in one company for complete property management 🙂 will have the link to the website in a month or so if you have any jobs for us 😛 I’m also a musician, family taxi 😉 ha, artist and computer/mining enthusiast! I LOVE FEATHERCOIN THO

  • | Tip candybar

    I’m working as a "Support Engineer’ at a big distributor, mainly convergence products, like Microsoft Lync , Avaya telephony systems and telepresence systems.

  • | Tip Om3n

    I’m a technical analyst for a larger coal mine. It has its interesting days.

  • | Tip ghitzafunny

    I study at Politehica University in Bucharest , Romania , I am not employed and I don’t mine :|( I can’t afford buying a mining rig right now ) . I have between medium and high level webdesign , C++ programming and economics knowledge . I invested like 40 euros in Feathercoin and a lot of time 😃 that’s all

  • | Tip StevenFeather

    At university in Glasgow studying Computer Science. Also fill shelves at a supermarket part time. 🙂

  • Regular Member | Tip prensel

    I work for the Department of Defense (Dutch Government) mainly doing larger IT projects.
    Besides that I own company that sells all sorts of renewable energy (Solar panels, heaters and such) systems.
    Before this I did run some Internet companies starting from 1991 till 2007.

  • | Tip null

    I work at normal administration and besides that i have my own company with some webshops(dutch)

  • | Tip ibitcoinblog

    At the moment I currently live off what I’m able to mine as I have a debilitating heart condition.
    So I help the misses with our three kids, this is a lot of work in itself and very time demanding.

  • | Tip zerofcksgiven

    I’m occupational instructor in a company manufacturing health care equipment. Next time you go to dentist and you sit down to that dental unit, it’s final inspection may be done by me 😃

  • Regular Member | Tip zerodrama

    i disturb the comfortable. occasionally innovate.

  • | Tip j0k3rhd

    Nothing Major,

    I worked for 6 months building and repairing computer hardware, pretty fun got to play around with a lot of setups and new hardware. After that moved onto network infrastructure installation for a couple of years around the UK.

    I have been in my current post for 3 Years as a Network Technician in a Academy, which also involves looking after two primary school networks.

    *Great Site, Love the job of Feathercoin community

  • Regular Member | Tip flcph

    Use to be a scuba-diver running my little company and making underwater films in Egypt Red Sea

    Then I meet my lovely Danish wife and here i am in Denmark with two great kids working for a forex company not quite the same job, but great family.
    And I really like feathercoins great community an good investment.

  • | Tip Refelix

    25, Junior 3D Generalist / Animator based in Glasgow. Just finished up work on the Battle of Bannockburn 🙂


  • | Tip kris_davison

    [quote name=“Refelix” post=“56804” timestamp=“1391429394”]
    25, Junior 3D Generalist / Animator based in Glasgow. Just finished up work on the Battle of Bannockburn 🙂


    Wow was that you? Great work may have to drop in and have a look when I’m up that way in march! Do you know if it will still be on show then?

  • Regular Member | Tip Ignition75

    I work in Finance as a Business Analyst…

    I spend pretty much all my time now working out how many rigs I’ll need before I can quit my job and do this full time…

  • Banned | Tip SerenaBic

    I precisely know, what is it â€" an error.

  • Banned | Tip SerenaBic

    Have quickly answered 🙂