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    @Vizay if you’re up for it why don’t you and I work as Project Manager and keep a track of everyone’s tasks I am not on the Feathercoin Trello.

    I don’t mind that at all, I do have some what of a fetish for organizing stuff and making things more efficient 😛

    If I can contribute with that I’d be more than happy to do it!

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    If we set up a good system, all the forgotten tasks will be automatically highlighted. Volunteers can sign off some task, so they can just chip in when they have time, and easily find a thing to do.

    I think we’re still looking for a good system for managing open source projects, there must be one out there somewhere. Although every open source project I’ve looked at so far, and forum, does seem to have its own or no system.

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    So should this thread now be unpinned considering trello superseeds it?

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    It looks like there needs to be various ways of managing projects available.

    Feathercoin is still a smallish team and these tools are available to manage projects. For instance, there could be some suggested work flows that can be used to facilitate projects. For instance, Members employ someone on a bounty - they have to show their work in one of our “agreed” or “suggested” work flows or project documentation method.

    So, I have realised that all the work and documentation discussion in this and other threads is leading to the ways we can have “projects controlled” in an open way.

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    This todo list is outdated and has sort of served its purpose. I’m gonna unpin it and let it go.

    If anyone wants to set up a platform for project organisation, that would be awesome. Invite me and ill give it a go but for now I don’t really have time to do this myself.