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Feathercoin - Task management system - Trello

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    We are currently trialling / using Trello as a Task management system for Feathercoin tasks. Here is a introduction video to its capabilities.

    This is to crowd source member assistance and organise the Staff Tasks that are necessary to maintain the project. It will also help enable members assistance can become more effective and more easily involved.

    Introductory video on Trello.


    Feathercoin - Tasks To Do


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    Sorry, I’ve been working for the last few days. I’ll be catching up with everything over the weekend.

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    Sorry to butt in guys, but couple of questions.

    1. for one of the cards "Alternate the colours on the forum

    in list To Do "

    Can’t someone just screenie a few, put up a quick forum thread and a quick vote? 2 hours?

    1. I can see future jobs, but say someone wanted to research more about Feathercoin, is there a list of who is currently on which project and a little info on what that project is about?

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    The projects should be handled in the forum. In trello, the jobs/projects, should have links to their respective forum topic. The colours idea hasn’t been fleshed out yet in a topic yet.

    When I get time, I’ll be looking into doing up a resources spreadsheet or something where we can see easily which member is on what project and what each members skill sets are.

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    Trello will do great, but…

    What would have been nice is to be able to come to the forums, look at who’s doing what and start writing about it, some articles maybe.

    I’m not a programmer, I only got as far as an Onc in electronics, so on that side, I’m hand less (anything past a Pi or setting up rigs and it’s time to stop everything and go to the pub!) but I would like to help in some small way, you know, maybe free up a couple of hours so you have that little bit of extra time to keep focused.

    I’m too far away to be of use on the ground in London.

    I just would like to TRY to help you out if possible. I don’t expect anything out of it, make sense now? :))

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    I agree with the major effort to ease organisation of required tasks for the forum and ancillary Feathercoin developments.

    Part of the idea of the Trello “trial” is to work out what type of system would be useful and what functions are need in the system. This isn’t a trivial task as there doesn’t seem to be an open source system developed for this purpose. Although more work needs to be done in assessing appropriate work control systems.

    It is important that we realise spreadsheets or other add hoc measures will not be easily integrated into the open development environment. ie they are easily lost if that member is not available. They incur additional work developing training material so work is not easily spread amongst members, an essential requirement.

    We need systems that are self managing for most task, so volunteer staff are not put off or overwhelmed by basically hard work doing boring documentation and thankless control tasks.

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    I wrote this brief summery of Task definition and Theory of maintenance action analysis and allocation.


    Problem Identified with system
    Diagnose effect of problem and priority over other problems (cost analysis)
    Diagnose the Cause of problem - e.g. FMECA

    Select maintenance action on probability of success of fixing CAUSE of failure

    • Maintenance action based on effectiveness of maintenance action (e.g. price effectiveness)

    Preventative Maintenance Tasks Types.

    CBM (condition based maintenance)
    Identify monitor able parameter and monitor regularly enough to detect a change. An alarm level is usually set to trigger an action (eg. Monitor Network for unusual changes).

    Planned action,
    Plan an action to prevent a failure (e.g check and update Support for [Solved] weekly)

    Design out

    Only use Design Out, if it is last desperate action, because of Design outs High cost and risk of consequential failure (always has Bugs)

    Development should be controlled by Github, changes are monitored and issue can be allocated.

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    Heavy stuff there wrapper. I somewhat follow you.

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    “Everything will be much easier in the long run if we use established Task management philosophies” wrapper

    Further Re task control:

    A project that looks more advanced than last time I looked in is “Buttercoin” - Open Source Coin Exchange Software.

    It seems a well run Open Source project, and a good example to us (except we have more projects. - Guess what - they use Trello.

    It does highlight - we have many projects so we might need more pages as projects develop. to make it easier to see what’s going on.

    I noticed they also use hack pad, and it is integrated into the development area.



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    I still think the area (open project management / support systems), is a rapidly developing area. Just reading about this -


    Why you will love OpenProject

    OpenProject is free and open source software for project management with a wide set of features
    and plugins and an active community.

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    The OpenProject looks good , Can it create a FTC site?

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    I still think the area (open project management / support systems), is a rapidly developing area. Just reading about this -


    Why you will love OpenProject

    OpenProject is free and open source software for project management with a wide set of features
    and plugins and an active community.

    I’ve looked into openproject and given it a testrun a few times over the last year. Sadly it’s a mess to use, not user friendly at all 😕

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    With reagrd open project control : I was just reading this :


    There were a couple worth investigating - all a bit closed though, for an open projects.

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    Openproject management has continued to improve and develop…