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    Hey folks,

    a good while back, we had a page where you could donate to certain projects to get them done by a developer. I want to get this back. Iam going to create a page on Feathercoin.com where projects and price + developername gets listed, when the goal for a certain project is reached. Developer should start working/provide his solution. - Funds are hold by trusted Members of this community & ofc 2FA.

    Also there will be a new rubric ( on the forum) where you can list your project, explain what it does, etc…

    How to apply?

    • List your project here
    • Set a Donation Goal
    • Post your link to your project in here

    Afterwards you will recieve an adress which you can put into the thread, and will also displayed on the new page. (Dont put one of your adresses in there please. )

    Thats my project for Feathercoin, if you got any questions or feedback, feel free to ask.

    Kindly regards,

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    Amazing idea and I’m happy to donate BTC, FTC or cold hard shitty FIAT to anyone willing to help with Feathercoin Development.

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    It is important that any funds are not misused with irrelevant developments, ill completed updates, with no testing or documentation. It took month of work of AFB, Wellenereiter, Aciddude and myself to slightly fix the problems of the funded 0.9 development, insecure builds, removal of tests, changes in interface, lack of release discipline, lack of documentation etc …

    None of the work keeping that in step with Bitcoin was done and had to be repeated for 0.11, which is still to be updated and tested. We could be on 0.13 now if that money had been spent of automating the open source systems available.

    There is already a number of critical updates that need to occur, and members who are contributing cash to structure maintenance.

    The other problem with previous fundings were …

    In entails some level of trust.

    Trusted members do not have facility to handle funds, or the implications in doing so of individual corporate responsibility.

    Historically payments have attracted more bullying and trolling with less member involvement.

    Historical admin members such as Bush, Calem, Chrisj, Lizhi, UM, paid for developments and web sites development and hosting. i.e. is already in debts …

    Wellenreiter and I have spent extra-ordinary amount of time developing, running free pools testing building. Others have contributed art work and moderated the forum.

    Unless the “donations” pay for infrastructure and help those already doing the work. I think they have been divisive in the past and it has been left to such as Wellenreiter and me, to pick up the pieces, of half completed projects, for free …

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    @wrapper Its the persons free choice to donate to a project they like, so even if its “irrelevant” in some peoples opinion, it wont mind. - The whole “project” thing doesnt aim to develop the “Core” that should remain to our devs, which could also setup a project for certain core-projects they would need funding to develop. It should focus more on services, applications and more, whatever someone likes to build for Feathercoin. - So I dont get your point “against” it.


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    We could start by funding objective matters, like hosting, infrastructure, work with invoices etc that can be measured easily. As a first step, if you guys think that it would help with transparency.

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    @ChekaZ An example of the problems left to deal with after a paid developments for FTC, the Coinnector service.

    In addition to all the normal problems with the other “paid developments” , no documentation, support issues out weight usage, extra code to bug fix support, no documentation, poor form layouts etc .

    Whereas, it was left in for the moment , as “experimental plugin”, it was not operable (whilst testing / bug fixing 0.9.1), as FTC had been “dropped” from Coinnector.

    I noted that the application could have been registered for forwarding fees, which would be a way for FTC to self finance hosting of the web site and forum, or to donate to Github, or Bitcoin head , keeping FTC open source and “free”, but not included in the “for fee” development …

    [Ref: ] https://github.com/wrapperband/FeathercoinWalletGuide

    Whereas the core applications like the mobile-wallet have been ignored until it now doesn’t compile and is going to be a mammoth task to re-fork from head, with all the compatibility issue that gives with synchronising to the current 0.9.6.x releases branch …

    It is not necessarily true that I am against something if I point out the possible problems, that is so we can avoid them. I am easily convinced by rational argument that my concerns are covered or at least being considered , or even understood.

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    @ChekaZ - I assume the page will go up on Feathercoin.com once there’s a project posted in the section on the forums?

  • Team Infrastructure | Tip ChekaZ

    @aciddude yes

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    I found this tweet now:

    “would like to support/fund development so feathercoin can be used on the Lightning Network. Pm me please.”


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    @ChekaZ said in Feathercoin Development Fund:

    @aciddude yes

    🙂 It took me a little while but I’ve posted. Let me know what you think @ChekaZ

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    @SimonTower Damn how did I miss this one?

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    Before I post something on the project page, I will ask it here 🙂
    What’s about a Video Conferencing (with multi point support) software crypted with feathercoin data ?

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    Well, the only use for Feathercoin would be to use it as payment system for the usage of the video conference infrstructure.

    For sure you can’t encrypt a video stream with block chain technology

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    Ok, Thanks!
    I need to dig about that, later. 🙂