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Feathercoins in India

  • newbies

    We are trying to break feathercoins in Indian Markets but setting up a exchange portal and for that we need some members who can sell us coins at lower prices than international markets. Without the help of you people we can break into Indian markets.
    Donations are welcomed.
    Interested members please PM

  • Moderators

    I see you found the crowd sourcing thread, good luck…

  • Regular Member

    very interesting idea, good luck!

  • Regular Member

    Good luck…

  • Regular Member

    Do you believe in FeatherCoin ?
    What are your plans to support Feathercoin in 2 years or 5 years?
    Do you understand the global adoption tipping point (critical mass point), if so where is the cryptocurrency market now in your opinion?

    Q: Why would anyone blinding offer you FTC coins under value?
    Your own support for the coin at this stage will not only bring you financial rewards down the road, it is BEYOND a reasonable price for the Indian Market especially given the proven track record and solid support from the core team of developers.
    Maybe I’ve read between the lines wrong here, and my intuitive assumption on your motives is wrong, as such, I will offer you some FTC below market price if you publicly display your credentials, support, funding and outline your implementation strategy for FTC in India.

    Buying coins now at the current market price (which is supporting feathercoin) and promoting commerce with FTC in India and distributing them at the same price or higher as you clearly indicated you want to do, will not only build support for the coin and network it will yield a very positive return on your investment…

  • Team Infrastructure

    Donations shouldnt be made directly towards you, it should be hold by a trusted member of the FTC community/team.

    Kindly regards,

  • Moderators

    @mohsin_mubarak - Hello and thanks for posting in the correct area 😉

    I’m not sure I follow what you’re asking for. Let me tell you how I see crypto currencies in my mind 🙂
    I see Feathercoins and Crypto in general as a store of value…or more, I see it like digital gold or a digital commodity…kind of like gold…except you can do a lot more with it! 🙂

    With the above is mind, what you are essentially asking for is for someone to give you gold (FTC) at under market rates.

    I equate this to being in India and buying gold at below market prices…how would you go about doing that in India ? think about it 😉

    …Having said the above, you do have on offer from @tmetaphysical who makes a fair point. in my humble opinion You can’t ask for digital gold without at-least giving us some details of your project, some kind of development credentials or past projects …some kind of project outline at a bare minimum.

    This is not play around money, this is real money and we are all taking it seriously. 🕶

    As far as donations go, I agree with @ChekaZ 100% with an addition of also using a Multi-Sig wallet to store the donations/funds securely.

    If the funds are stored in a single Feathercoin address or even multiple addresses, whoever controls or has access to the private keys of those wallet addresses can move and take the funds if they choose to.

    But we cant donate blindly…we need to see something.

    I hope this helps. 🙂

  • Moderators

    I agree with @aciddude Indian Markets is an open concept that has been considered before. I’d like to see a more local and comprehensive cause of failure or needs analysis.

    For instance, there might be a need for secure money transfer or a local money system. For example, where shops a Mall or markets can use their own currency. This could have security, local banking benefits or discount benefits. But requires a level of technical availability to the population i.e. internet that hasn’t been high enough for mass take up.

    Bitcoin is “technical” even in the “high tech” USA and has been most successful undercutting banking level transfers, than taking over from credit cards.

    It may be just some people who want to “invest” or gamble on alt currency markets …

    Certainly exchanges can be set up that match buyers with sellers. The mult-signature technolgy in the wallet / software is there to demonstrate how that can be done.

  • newbies

    I have an idea of how to get Feathercoins in Indian market if still interested. I will set an appointment for next week to go see my contacts for the Indian market to explore this possibility.

  • newbies

    TBH if you want to make some decent money in India, by buying under market value commodities, then just buy gold in india an sell elsewhere, from my understanding gold is usually sold under market prices at most places in india.

    But hey, what do i know? im new to this!!


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