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[FAQ] Is there any way I can help forward the Feathercoin project?

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    Feathercoin contributers:

    In order to maintain the Feathercoin as on open project many current and historical (even some banned) members of the forum have made significant donations and contributions.

    All of the forum moderators were ordinary members who have contributed significantly as making the forum a friendly place to exchange information on the development and distribution of an open source distributed alternative currency.

    How can I get involved with Feathercoin projects?

    There are a large number of external projects to get involved with or start for a project with so many potential uses and ancillary services in advanced state of development.

    In order to maintain an open project, without paid staff, it is important help people get involved. For instance producing guides.

    Members have learned new subjects or contributed their expertise to the project which doesn’t have to be programming.

    As an example FTC core could use some “designer” input for forms in the software. It is quite possible to have an “artistic” person up and running on a free graphic IDE and teach them enough Github they could be contributing some changes within a day.

    Another example, where you can build up experience doing, is testing software builds work on all systems, there is plenty of support and kudos to sort out any problems.

    Current priority / active projects list and Contact / Active members

    Top 5 >>>>--------------- Feathercoin Needs YOU! ------------------->

    1. Testing - Feathercoin advanced Features : @Lizhi @wrapper
    2. Packaging build testing : @Wellenreiter @Lizhi @Aciddude
    3. Forum moderator - help support / greet new members / watch for forum trolls, scams and spam, give kudos to good content, no fixed duties : @moderators
    4. User interface design improvements FTC advanced features 0.11 series.
    5. Moderate, improve the FTC forum “Is there any way I can get involved” thread. : @wrapper
    6. Assist with Feathercoin-qt - Feathercoin Wallet Advanced Features Guide . F.A.F Guide Post : @wrapper

    How can I get involved with projects?

    Most Feathercoin Administrators / Moderators are experts at something else and we trying to spread the load so they don’t have to do anything if they don’t want to.

    For instance, currently I am training / working with 2 members to forward FTC specific projects. There are 3 Admin’s with open projects as well. The highest priority being :

    • Release / testing/ bug fixing / enhancements of FTC Wallet
    • Packaging releases, for snaps, bsd, flatpack and other software building and System maintenance.
    • New FTC web site / finish prototype.

    Other Administrator, such as @Lizhi and @Wellenreiter are doing similar with other projects, most Moderators are asked because they have done a guide or helped with a patch or project …

    There are a large number of other projects which members have done, from suggestions, to fully documented requirements. Its worth reading old threads for ideas, the state of the art and references.

    There is a lot of software written for Bitcoin or other coins which can be converted or used with Feathercoin. Again there is documentation to assist, but usually, make a thread, say what your doing and ask for help.

    Feathercoin Specific or core Developments / FTC WebSite/forum

    There is usually some associated threads, like an announcement in discussion with any project.

    For a associated project, like making an novel Escrow exchange, there is a thread in “Off Topic” (>> 10 Open source softwares) that may be useful, which documents interesting projects associated or that could be usfull in Alternate Currency side projects. such as peer to peer markets, mesh networks, IP2, DAOs and p2p exchanges.

    Look for other projects in old suggestions, or search the forum as many interesting developments were discuses here first.

    Forum Moderation
    If you become trusted on the forum you will be asked if you wish to become a moderator great “new members” in the thread : http://forum.feathercoin.com/category/22/newbies-new-members-must-start-here

    Mining software projects or Pools
    Some associated projects such as mining, marketplaces and exchanges have their own thread which is an appropriate place to discussed the development of services, not just promote them.

    Exchanges / Markets / Escrow projects

    Suggestion Box projects

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    Title : Feathercoin Core (0.9.3.x) Advance features help and usage guide

    Github : https://github.com/wrapperband/FeathercoinWalletGuide

    Tasks :

    • Additional screenshots of latest version and real or test data examples
    • Addition walk through text

    Skills :

    • Used any advanced features or willing to study background [Dev] and discussion threads.
    • Artistic, writing, Markdown.
    • Using Graphic software, or studying usability

    Mentoring : Use of github, Moderating Github Pushs, markdown

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    Happy to help!

    Will try and tackle number 2.

    Edit: I’ve replied here. Was able to get QR-codes working on and ubuntu 16.04 LTS

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    Done! I’ve posted build instructions for anyone wanting to help recreate as well as test


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    @wrapper Hi, I read newspaper bitcoin articles, then post a message suggesting people take a look at promising feathercoin.

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    I’m a UX designer and would be happy to help with workflows, visual/interaction design challenges, information architecture/content discussions, etc.

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    great to have you here.

    All projects are discussed here in the forum, and many of them started by someone describing an idea or problem here and people worked together to work on the idea.

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    It’d be awesome to get the newbies stickies updated, since they haven’t been touched for a couple years. Hopefully the FDF brings in new members to the discussion community, but it’s a bit daunting to join the forums at the moment. It seems super inactive and the newbie rule is still in effect.

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    This post is deleted!

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    Got a lot of important information. Being a commerce aspirant I wanted to learn about cryptocurrency. Is there any thread in this site providing basic informative PDFs regarding litecoin and more?

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