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Modification to the forum

  • | Tip dwarrilow2002

    Two suggestions.

    • Modify forum to send email notifications of events that you follow

    • Add a SMT to the website to generate STEEMesque currency

    The first point would also serve as a reminder for people to return to the Forum. Life tends to intrude and instead of checking on a daily basis I was last on a week ago … but had 6 notifications do look at.

    The second point is that on STEEM I get paid 4 cents every time I post (if not more). Hmmm post there or post here. Incorporating a SMT (https://smt.steem.io/smt-whitepaper.pdf) would allow people to get paid for their posts on this forum.

  • Moderators | Tip wrapper

    We use NodeBB if you want to look into the plug-ins available.

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