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How to get more users having feathercoin?

  • | Tip duff_lesterny

    Today, in many discussions, people speak about adoption of crypto for payments. I also believe that as a currency it should be used as such. However, it might be difficult for people to buy with FTC if they don’t have it. Currently, there are only a few ways to get FTC:

    • Mining FTC
    • Exchanging FTC from another crypto or fiat
    • Get a transfer of FTC from another FTC user (for accomplish work or donation). This can be done through compatible wallets or more recently, through the “tip” function in Telegram.

    However, to get more user using FTC, we need to find more ways to give FTC to a larger number of users. In the real live, the principal source of fiat money is the daily work. So in a digital world, I can imagine FTC being the currency of payment for an online service.

    Let’s take a example. Imagine a new app / platform which would allow every private person to offer his own photos for sale.All transactions between buyers and sellers would be exclusively in FTC. At the beginning, the buyer would have to deposit his account with some FTC or to buy it from other currencies. The seller will get some FTC that he can use for buying photos from other users. With more users getting FTC it will encourage other merchants to use FTC…

    The app can offer various features like: Ordering a photo from whatever place in the world at whatever time. Any user coming along with his smartphone can take a picture from that place and offer it for sale. The person who order, will select his preferred picture, and vote for the other so that time after time every user get a score on “photos quality”.
    You can decide also to re-sell a picture that you buy. Manual photos upload won’t be allowed, only photos directly taken from the app will be accepted on the platform so that we have a truly internal eco-system. Also it would be prohibit to sell the photos from the platform out of the platform. Thanks to the “hash” of the original photo, it would be easy to control on blockchain the original photographer and sub-sequent owners of the photo.
    You can order photos for an event you can’t attend, a photo of a place you want to go but you want first a visual confirmation of the place, …
    Time after time, when the population of the app growth, the FTC price will probably grow as well …

    The blockchain could also keep trace of the original photo “hash” so that overtime, the original photographer could be identified.

    This is one proposal, but i think any digital service between private person would be a great enabler for getting paid in crypto and therefore buying in crypto afterwards.
    I am not developer but I am product manager in the real life. So i can help to prepare business case and functional requirements for the team.

    Let me know your thoughts.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    What you describe is a kind of online shop accepting FTC as payment method. This should be easy to implement.
    The requirements are relatively low

    • a web server
    • a shop software
    • a wallet module to interact with the block chain.

    I think all of the software is there already and just needs to be adapted and integrated to build the shop/platform you suggest.

    The question is, if there is a market demand for such a platform. If yes, I see a good chance that someone implements something like that.

  • | Tip j_scheibel

    I’ve always thought the way to bring any currency in to circulation (fiat, crypto or otherwise) is to pay people with them then ask for them back in payment.

    Said another way, you need a service that gives you a payment (or reward) then you need to have something the user wants. A thing that they can only get with the currency.

    For years i’ve wanted to tie some sort of game, online chat software or the like to FTC but i’ve not found the right service/game/product (that is, something i can be invested in and wont get bored of before it becomes a thing). Someday It’ll happen. when? dunno. maybe someone will beat me to it but that’s okay too.

    Most businesses would think you are a fool not to accept USD or the local currency in addition. but there is an elegance and simplicity in only dealing with crypto currency. Not to mention it grows the currency usage.

    Again the trick is to draw interest.

  • Moderators | Tip Wellenreiter

    After an initial period, where the stickers are given for free, the feathercoin stickers could be sold at x FTC per sticker

  • Moderators | Tip AcidD

    great idea, i imagine an app/service for any kind of job where the people doing the jobs can choose to get paid in fiat or split their payout between fiat and crypto

    so for example if I post a job like “Help with setting up a crypto currency block explorer” or “I need someone to walk my dog weekly”

    I as the job poster could say I’m willing to pay 80% fiat and 20% FTC - not sure how the numbers would pan out but yeah, it would be an interesting way to show crypto is kinda like fiat :)…just better

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